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What is the 1099 account number?

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What the 1099 account number is, and how to autofill the account number field on the 1099 form in the Yearli software.

The IRS requires a unique account number on returns filed through the E-file Center. This account number is used to match corrected forms with original submissions. The account number can be any number as long as it is unique for that recipient.  For example, If the user is filing three 1099 forms for one recipient, each 1099 form for that recipient would require a unique account number.  If the user had three recipients with one 1099 form each, the same account number could be used on each 1099 form.

The Autofill 1099 Account Number feature allows users to autofill all required 1099 account numbers.  This includes the 1098s, 1099s, W-2G and 5498s. 


Procedure 1 (Autofilling the 1099 account number)

  1. Click on the Utilities menu.
  2. Choose Autofill 1099 Account Number...
  3. Choose the for the Select Payer option or the for All Payers option.
  4. Click Autofill.
  5. Click OK.


  • Current version of Yearli