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How do I e-file my 1099-MISC forms with Box 7 (NEC) separate from other 1099-MISC forms?

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I want to e-file my 1099-MISC forms with NEC (Box 7) separate from the 1099-MISC forms with other boxes completed.  How do I do this?


Procedure 1 (E-file Forms)

  1. In Yearli Desktop select the E-file Center button on the dashboard.
  2. Choose the 1099 form type and click Next.
  3. Choose the e-file service desired and click Next.
  4. Check the box(es) next to the payer names you wish to file.
  5. Click the Select Returns button.
  6. Choose the appropriate filter:
    1. Select 1099-MISC NEC to e-file forms with Box 7 completed.
    2. Select 1099-MISC Non-NEC to e-file forms with boxes other than Box 7 completed.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Click Next and follow the E-file Center prompts to complete payment and submit the forms.


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