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E-file Center Error Codes

Views: 554 Created: 2018-07-09 11:00 Last Updated: 2019-02-18 12:05


When attempting to access the E-file Center you may experience error codes.


Codes will display when an account is not activated,  there is missing and/or invalid data in the Account Setup window, or invalid credit card information exists.  


Error Code 1 - Account is not activated

  1. Click on the E-file Center drop down menu.
  2. Choose Account Setup.
  3. Click Send.

Error Code 5 - Account Setup Error - Invalid User ID

  1. Enter a valid User ID.
  2. Close the error message and close the Account Setup window.  After closing the windows a message will appear: "Account is now activated"
Error Code 7 - Missing or invalid email address

  1. Verify email address, check for leading spaces, trailing spaces, and/or special characters.

Error Code 10 - Wagefiler cannot find account - no account on record

  1. Click on the E-file Center drop down menu.
  2. Choose Account Setup.
  3. Choose Reset Password.
    • If the password has been forgotten, click on the Forgot Password button.

Error Code 31 - Payment processing error

  1. If using a credit card, delete the card on file and re-enter it or use another card.
  2. If using a prepaid code, your purchase exceeds your available funds and a valid credit card must be entered to complete the payment.
  3. Or, to add funds or purchase a new prepaid code from our Sales department at 800-968-1099.


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