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How do I update or change my 941, 944, or 940 PIN?

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The person who originally registered for the 941, 944, or 940 electronic filing PIN is no longer with the company.  How do we update the IRS to have the new individual assigned to the PIN?


To update or change your PIN you will need to send the IRS a letter requesting the change.  To do this:

  • On company letterhead, draft a letter to the IRS.  The letter must contain:
    • EIN of the business, business name, and address.
    • A statement that you wish to change the signature name.
    • Name of the previous Authorized Signer.
    • The name, title, and phone number of the new Authorized Signer.
    • The printed name of the person signing the letter.
    • The letter must be signed by an agent of the company; such as the owner, partner, or officer.
  • Fax or mail the letter to the Cincinnati Service Center.
    • The fax number is 877-477-0569.
    • The mailing address is Internal Revenue Service, Mail Stop 2701, Cincinnati, OH 45999

The IRS will mail you a letter to confirm the change and provide the new PIN.  If you would prefer to have this information faxed back to you, please include this information and fax number in the letter to the IRS.


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